Friday, January 20, 2006

Home At Last

Last night the most amazing thing happened -- we brought our precious baby girl K home from the hospital with us. We had a very emotional but good experience with her birth family and are glad we had the chance to meet and spend some time with them.

After the birth, we spent several hours at the hospital on Wednesday, as well as the whole day yesterday, in the nursery getting to know our new daughter. We are so glad she is finally home now!

Of course, we have a few adoption process details and paperwork to finish up before things are official, but so far all is going well. I am very, very sleep deprived (only slept about 1 hour last night and 20 minutes this afternoon), so I will write more another day.

Thank you all for your good wishes!


Jessica said...

how wonderful. Congrats on baby K. I'm hoping when all is finalized you will be able to share your new beauty.

Pitypat said...

I am so excited for you - i've checked a few times a day since you last posted just waiting to hear... I'm so glad that everything is finally workingout for you----God had baby K picked out for you and that's why the other situations didn't work out. Can't wait to hear the whole story!!!!!

usedtobecubbiegirl said...

Congratulations on your daughter. I'm glad you got to spend time with her birthfamily.

Pitypat said...

Okay - i know you are busy but i need details!!!!!