Thursday, June 07, 2007

They Grow So Fast

I used to always hear people say that their children were growing up so fast. I didn't fully understand just how fast it feels until we had a child of our own.

"Yesterday" we brought a tiny little newborn baby girl home from the hospital. She cried a lot, needed to be held often and was pretty much helpless. She was completely dependent on us to meet her needs and keep her safe.

Today our baby is no longer a baby. She doesn't want to be held much unless she is upset or really tired. She would much rather be running around the house (and I do mean RUNNING), eager to explore everything and learn as much as she can. In fact, she is becoming more and more independent each day. She can feed herself small pieces of food, has been drinking from a cup for quite some time and can even climb up and down stairs. And she is far from tiny! Our little baby has magically transformed into a 35-inch toddler, which is more than a foot taller than she was at birth.

She also now has a mind of her own. For example, there are many days when she won't lay still for a diaper change because she would much rather play. And she recently became a picky eater -- shoving some foods away and insisting only on others. She also understands the word "no," but often doesn't listen or obey.

How did this happen? Where did the time go? I honesty don't know. What I do know is that I treasure every precious moment with her and enjoy the times when she needs me. Like when she wants to be rocked to sleep. Or when she wraps her arms around my legs and insists that I pick her up. And I especially love when she gives me kisses.

I know that one day she will grow into an independent young women. I just hope that when that day comes, we will still be close. Because along with learning how fast they grow, I also made another life-changing discovery: There is nothing more rewarding that the special bond between and mother and a daughter.


Lilly's Sissy said...

Congratulations on your little one! Isn't adoption just so amazing, such a miracle!! I am so in love with my little sister and I thank God that she is ours every day!


petunia said...

Don't you want them to stay tiny forever?? I can't get enough!

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